Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Gone Fishin Club on YouTube

Gone Fishin Club

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Santee Cooper in January

This is my latest trip to Santee Cooper South Carolina,
several Gone Fishin Club members and our Favorite guide and club member got together and went. It was a full moon and I think that threw the fishing a little but it was great company and a great time, hope you enjoy the pics, Gary

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Stacy takin it easy on the ride out waiting to fish!

It was still dark when we set out to hunt for cats. The moon was awesome!

The Moon is Going Down as the Sun Comes Up

My camera doesn't do this shot justice

Awesome Sunrise on Santee Cooper

Stacy with our first fish of the day

Gary with a small Blue

Gary with another Blue Catfish
funny thing was this fish was nearly all white

Tommy with his first nice Blue Catfish, 22 pounds

Crazy Skies Today

Sunset Over Santee

Cypress Tree at Sunset


Gone Fishin Club members, Dewayne, Gary, Stacy and Tommy
standing beside the Goat Island Bait and Tackle Shop

For those of you who want to see more of the nature pics, sunrises, sunsets, moons, and animals of our fishing trips please visit my snapfish account at Gary's Snapfish Pics

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Hope you enjoyed the pics, Gary Turner

Friday, October 10, 2008

Santee-Cooper The Home of Monster Cats

If you are a big catfishing fan then a trip to Santee is a must.

Santee has millions of cats, thousands of giant monster cats, I'm talkin' line strippin, pole snapping monsters!
Its also a great place just to take the family or kids and give mom a weekend off. Well that said my fishin' buddy Stacy and myself took his 2 boys this past weekend, and here are some of the pics.
We did a 24 hour marathon trip so if we look kinda shot out in some pics you can understand why. Hope you enjoy them, Gary Gone Fishin Club Pres.

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Gary with a nice blue cat.

Andrew with his first blue!

Brandon lands a fat blue!

More Santee-Cooper Cats

Here are some more of our September Santee trip cats.

Gary with another Blue Cat.

Brandon with his first Flathead Catfish, you can see it pullin him over,

Stacy and Andrew with a nice #30+ flathead cat they co-caught!

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to Santee-Cooper

Catchin' Big Cats I LOVE IT!!!

Catchin' Cats I LOVE IT!!!
and sometimes Gar too!

Andrew with a nice Black Gar

Gary with a good Flathead

The Night Fishing!!!

The Night Fishing is really exciting!!!

Sunset on Santee

A nice white perch we use for live bait for big flatheads

Rods loaded and ready for a big strike!!!

Have you gone to


Big Cats on the Prowl

As the night goes on the big cats are out and about.

Heres a flathead we found searching for a snack in the night.

Not too long after this one was caught one of the light rods (#80 powerpro with a #50 leader doubled over in the rod holder, the tip was touching the water.

Thats when the adrenaline jumps, Stacy mamaged to wrestle the rod out of the holder and started fighting the beast, but the #50 leader was no match for this monster cat and after a brief fight too off snapping the line!

As fast as it started it was all over, I'd like to say this rarely happens butthe truth is if you wanna tangle with the Monster Cats of Santee you better leave your Zebco 33 at home or bring lots of line.

Sunrise on Santee

Well I hope you enjoyed a mini version of our trip to Santee,

I didn't show you all the fish or sunrise shots but you get the idea,


The fishin, the gators, other wildlife, beautiful sunsets and sunrises all around,

So next time your lookin for somthin to do

Think About Chasing Monster Cats on Santee.

And if your lucky maybe you'll win a trip on me.

Thanks Gary